What is the book about? 

Love Is What Makes Us A Family follows Eliza, a 6 year old girl, whose mom and dad are divorced. She goes through the ups and downs of adjusting to having two houses, and a new and different family dynamic. In addition, her parents have started dating. Eliza is trying to figure out what that means, especially since her mom is gay. Eliza has lots of questions about the new situation, and is able to talk with both of her parents about it. In the end, she feels good about the idea that love is what makes her family complete. 

Where did the idea come from? 

After Julia got divorced from Eliza's dad and came out to her family, she was looking for books to read with Eliza to help explain what it meant to have a gay parent. She did a lot of Googling, and spent quite a bit of time researching LGBT children’s books. She was really excited to find several books featuring gay parents and read several with Eliza. However, none of the books that really reflected their specific situation. All of the books had characters with two moms or two dads, but Eliza has a mom and a dad, and Julia has a girlfriend. Julia felt pretty strongly that she wanted Eliza to know that they weren't the only family in this situation (because surely they weren't!). After this experience, Julia joked around to a few people that maybe she should write the book herself, and eventually Laura and Julia worked together to create the finished product.  

When and where will the book be available for purchase? 

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Love is What Makes Us a Family is available in several Portland, Oregon bookstores, including In Other Words, Another Read Through, and Reading Frenzy. Check out these LGBTQ friendly bookstores to get your own copy! 

The book is also available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.