"Reading Love is What Makes Us a Family showed our girls that there are other children out there who have different houses and different people who love them. It also showed them that no matter who mommy loves or who daddy loves that the most important thing is them and that they're loved. The girls loved the bright colorful pictures and the people in the book."
- Cas Anderson

"Love is What Makes Us a Family is a great book for all children. Those who have typical families along with those that have atypical households. It emphasises the overall most important thing in all families: Love. It is written in a fact based manner that makes it easy for children to relate with and better understand. It is beautifully illustrated and offers a warm, loving insight to families that may look different but all have one commonality that is love."
- Jen Adams

"Love is What Makes Us a Family demonstrates the diversity of family structures while exploring how young Eliza processes her parents divorce and her mother coming out. Eliza's story teaches children the value of family and love, even when things are difficult and changing. The story also sets the stage for honest conversations with children about family structure, divorce, sexuality, and processing change. Children and adults will both enjoy the beautiful illustrations in "Love is What Makes Us a Family" and feel like you're right there with Eliza as she tells her family's story. This book is a great resource for adults who want to teach the children they know about family, diversity, and love."
- Melissa Brazeale

"Love is What Makes Us a Family is both charming and appropriate in the way it informs children of nontraditional family relationships. Told from the perspective of a six-year-old girl with a gay mother and straight father, Eliza tells what it is like to go between staying with her father who has a girlfriend and her mother who also has a girlfriend. By asking questions and getting straight-forward answers, she learns that love actually is the most important element in any family. The illustrations are also delightful and will, I believe, appeal especially to young readers. Additionally, the questions for discussion and reflection at the end are a clever and necessary bonus for any parents who would like their children to be open minded and comfortable with changing relationships in this changing world." 
- Pam Stanek